Grant and the Pro Ice Team have given me a trusted place to turn to whenever I have needed guidance, expert knowledge with my finances, support and friendship over the past thirteen years. DOUG GILMOUR

I have tremendous respect for Skins and his team as they deliver exceptional service to me and my family, not just during the hockey season but all year round. They focus on teaching me how to manage my own finances and ensure that my finances are solid. I can always count on them to be there for me. JONATHAN TOEWS

Thanks for all you do. It hasn't been the easiest of roads, but the ride has been a lot easier knowing I have a friend like you to have my back.SHELDON SOURAY

Thank you for being there for our family over the years. Looking forward to many more fun years together.VALERI BURE

The Pro Ice Team has provided me and my family the expertise, sound advice and friendship to assist me through all of my life changes for the past decade. WADE REDDEN