Family CFO Program

Our approach as your Family Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to provide an integrated comprehensive structure that links all areas of your personal finances. Rather than you having to find a lawyer, financial planner, mortgage broker, insurance agent, investment advisor and banker who are interested in only one portion of your personal finances, our role as your Family CFO is to pull all of these pieces together.

We will work with your existing professionals to ensure your financial plan is executed. With our years of experience in the National Hockey League acting as Family CFO for our clients, we have a suite of advisors with expertise in all aspects of personal finance that can be layered in where necessary.

    Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Preparation of annual tax filings within Canada and the US on a federal, state/provincial or municipal level
  • Reviewing the status of tax returns post filing, including follow up of assessments and confirming client refunds/payments
  • Providing representation in the event of disputes with the various tax authorities
    Financial Planning
  • Determination of client goals, expectations and risk tolerance
  • Development of a financial plan, including the preparation of an investment policy statement
  • Coordination of relationships with private money managers in both Canada and the US, including fee negotiation and ongoing review of their performance
  • Preparation of detailed annual cash flow budgets, including monthly monitoring and reporting
    Quarterly Reporting
  • Preparation of quarterly reports including:
    • summarization of valuation and performance of assets under administration (registered and non-registered)
    • review of net capital transactions during the quarter
    • asset allocation
    • market commentary
  • Monitoring banking and investment accounts
  • Transferring funds
  • Depositing cheques
  • Paying bills/invoices
  • Booking and coordinating foreign exchange contracts to hedge against currency movements
  • Credit card maintenance, including points programs, arranging supplementary cards and coordination of the replacement of lost or stolen cards
  • Tracking and coordinating payroll with the hockey club, including application for reduction in tax withholdings and escrow reconciliation
  • Arranging lines of credit to facilitate vehicle purchases or business investments
    Will and Estate Planning
  • To all matters respecting the preparation of wills and estate plans, including documentation and coordination with legal counsel
  • Ongoing review of the estate plan when significant changes occur in our client’s life (e.g., marriage, divorce, children)
  • Coordination and assistance in the preparation of prenuptial agreements
    Life and Disability Insurance Planning
  • Review and identify the most competitive and suitable coverage for our client in light of their estate and long-term financial plan
  • Coordination of documentation and liaise with the insurance company, including completion of application, attending to medical documentation, review of exclusions and payments
  • Review and identification of the most competitive and suitable coverage for our client
    Accounting Services
  • Maintaining accounting records for our client, including maintaining a sub-ledger of cost basis for all investments and preparation of detailed reporting of sport-related expenses
  • Preparation of financial statements, partnership information returns, trust returns and corporate tax filings
  • Preparation and reporting of financial disclosure required in the event of a divorce and liaise with legal counsel
  • Preparation and reporting of financial disclosure respecting green card applications and other immigration matters
    Business Valuations
  • Evaluation of potential private businesses and endorsement opportunities, including:
    • review of financial statements
    • cash flow analysis
    • liaising with third parties
    Home Purchases and Financing
  • Coordination of all matters respecting home purchases, including communication with:
    • the real estate agent
    • mortgage broker
    • banker
    • appraiser
    • lawyer
      • Arrangement of insurance for the property
      • Coordination of mail redirection
    Agent Support Services
  • Provide detailed cash flow and tax analysis of contract options